Magazine / Feature Writing

Here's the Beef Baltimore loves its crabs but the runner-up dish is a meaty mountain of a sandwich: Baltimore pit beef The Local Palate

Back to the Land (and Sea) Can the revival of historic foodways breathe new life into Virginia's Eastern Shore? The Local Palate

Swelling Interest Ever eaten a sugar toad? They're not amphibians, but fish; and not scary, but tasty. Garden & Gun

How a Lost Boy Found Himself Jacob Atem experienced unimaginable hardships as a Lost Boy fleeing war-torn Sudan. How this traumatized refugee ended up earning a PhD is a whole other journey. National Public Radio

Sea Change It was rough seas for the first women to enter the U.S. Naval Academy back in 1976 Baltimore

One Alt-weekly Dies, Another Emerges When Baltimore lost its 40-year-old newspaper, former staffers scrambled to start a brand-new one—in print, no less. The Atlantic CityLab

Second Act for a Former 'Glamour Girl' The philanthropy of an erstwhile studio-system starlet who co-starred with Jimmy Stewart and lived with Marilyn Monroe Chronicle of Philanthropy

You're Not Too Old For That Drumming in a rock band at 91? Drag racing at 70? Going to med school at 53? Yes, and more.  AARP The Magazine

Nine Secrets to Getting Ahead at Work Chatting up career experts for a playful look at moving up in the office. Take a shower and don't whine, just for starters  Washingtonian

Barroom Politic Why do Democrat U.S. Senator Ben Cardin and Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich both have warm and fuzzy feelings for a dingy pool hall in Hampden? Baltimore

Glory Hole The history of a hotel basement that hosted both Fred Astaire and Iggy Pop. City Paper  (Excellence in Journalism winner for feature writing from the Society of Professional Journalists)

The New American Family It's no longer all nuclear---meet six clans redefining kinship. AARP The Magazine

In Defense of Naps Standing up for laying down in the afternoon. Washingtonian

Turning the Page How and why a fourth-generation publisher traded print for probiotics and Orthodox Jews for the Amish. Baltimore

Bee All You Can Bee Tales of trichotillomania from the nation's biggest spelling showdown. City Paper

The Paper Chase Submerging into the bureaucratic sinkhole for a marriage license. Baltimore Bride  

Past Prime  Chasing gastronomic ghosts at Baltimore's storied but long-shuttered steakhouse.  Urbanite

The Next "Next America" Columbia was cutting-edge suburban design in the 1960s. Can a new-urbanist retrofit keep it sharp for the 21st century? Urbanite

From Raising Cain to Raising Money Alice Cooper invented "shock rock." But what might be more shocking is his Christian philanthropy. The Chronicle of Philanthropy


Our Best Shot Six Strategies for Solving America's Vaccine Dilemma Johns Hopkins Public Health

Mr. Science Television The untold story of a pioneering prime-time science TV show that took on Milton Berle and Dragnet to show Ike-era viewers the power and potential of scientific research Johns Hopkins Magazine

The Damage Done As the opioid crisis ravages Western Maryland, the public health response taps into the enduring bonds of community. Johns Hopkins Public Health

Cross-Pollination Johns Hopkins School of Nursing researchers take a collaborative approach to the toughest health challenges Johns Hopkins Nursing 

Our Favorite Things Six curators mine their museums to find their fave artifacts Johns Hopkins Magazine

User's Guide to the Common Cold Americans catch more than a billion colds a year. Here's advice for avoiding being among them (and what to do once--almost invariably---the sniffles do arrive. Johns Hopkins Health Review

A Different Kind of Mind MBA students taking classes at a fine arts school? How "Design Thinking" is reshaping business education. Carey Business

Generations Seven public health giants and the researchers standing on their shoulders today. Johns Hopkins Public Health

Twenty Questions: Africa Edition Can Facebook slow the spread of HIV in Uganda? Has Bono done any good? And just what was the Egyptian "festival of drunkeness" anyway? Johns Hopkins Magazine

Doing Good From East Baltimore to East Africa, dedicated students have made Public Health Studies the major for the 21st Century. Arts & Sciences Magazine

 The Big Picture An abandoned moderne theater reborn as a gleaming film center where Thomas Dolby----the '80s-synth-pop-hitmaker-turned-professor----will teach. Hopkins Gazette

Big Crane on Campus What's behind the university building boom? Urbanite

White Hat Hackers The Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute fights the good fight against cybercrime. Hopkins Gazette

Red Screen New documentary casts a unflinching eye on the fall of the Soviet Union.  Johns Hopkins Magazine


Travel Writing (and photography)

Slo Good Melania Trump might have helped put Slovenia on the map but the clean, green nation has more to offer than wives for billionaires. Baltimore Style

A Less Touristy Tuscany Few roads lead to Barga, a beautiful, off-the-beaten path corner of Italy away from bus parking lots and selfie sticks. Baltimore Style

The Other Shore Virginia's untrampled Eastern Shore trades beach resorts and boardwalk fries for 16th-century houses and plates of "swelling toads"  Baltimore Style

Pie in the Sky Getting high on Backbone Mountain, Maryland's tallest mountain City Paper

Desert Island Day Trip Virginia's Cedar Island is an antidote to Ocean City Washingtonian

Patsy Cline and Dinosaurs Exploring Shenandoah's quirkier attractions Washingtonian 

Sorry, Björk All Iceland adventures are not created equal

Drinks Writing

State Spirit Rye returns to Maryland, the state that made the spirit famous The Local Palate

Hooch A spirited spirits column that explored bottom-shelf bourbon, checked in at a mezcal library, and found evermore uses for Italy's gift to glassware: Campari City Paper

The Next Round My drinks writing continues on Splice Today

The Spirit is Willing Craft distillers proliferate in Maryland despite headwinds. City Paper


Period Pieces Why a Maryland man turned his rec room into the world's first museum of menstruation. City Paper

Poop Dreams Meet guano-covered Navassa Island, where the the world's most powerful nation battled one of the world's poorest and an erstwhile California gospel singer sued President Clinton and the U.S. government. City Paper  (Excellence in Journalism award winner for feature writing from the Society of Professional Journalists)